How Our Garden Grows – August 2014

Garden Grows Aug2014 title

The garden has gone crazy, so we spent much of August picking & preserving our garden bounty.



Everything is growing like crazy, weeds and vegetables both.
Garden Grows Aug2014 1

Many recently hatched birds have been hanging out in the garden.
Garden Grows Aug2014 2

LEFT TOP & BOTTOM: A variety of squash and pumpkins are growing in the garden.
RIGHT: A first for us: Grapes! The same couple grape plants have been struggling to grow. Deer, elk, and our own dog have stunted their growth year after year. But this year they are growing safely inside the garden fence and they are thriving.
Garden Grows Aug2014 10

LEFT: Eggplant and its fabulous purple flowers.
RIGHT: I love the marigolds in my herb row! Must plant them again next year.
Garden Grows Aug2014 11

LEFT: Green Peppers.
RIGHT: Farmer John used the green peppers, as well as other garden goodies to make salsa. Yum!
Garden Grows Aug2014 3

LEFT: So much mint!
RIGHT: I turned a lot of the mint into simple syrup.
Garden Grows Aug2014 5

LEFT: Cabbage growing in the garden.
TOP RIGHT: Once picked, some of the cabbage was turned into coleslaw.
BOTTOM RIGHT: I baked rolls and put the coleslaw on a pulled pork sandwich. So good!
Garden Grows Aug2014 4



LEFT: Corn. The shortest corn I’ve ever seen. It’s not even as tall as I am.
RIGHT: Short or not, they’re still producing ears of corn. They are just growing very close to the ground and they are quite tasty.
Garden Grows Aug2014 Out1

LEFT: Speckled Swan Gourd.
RIGHT: Birdhouse Gourd.
Garden Grows Aug2014 Out4

LEFT: Sunlight Pumpkins.
TOP & BOTTOM RIGHT: The chickens love the Sunlight Pumpkins. Boo!
Garden Grows Aug2014 Out2

LEFT: I know the chickens like to pick their own tomatoes right off the plant, but this was a first. She came and snagged one right from my bowl.
RIGHT: What was left of my garden harvest after the chicken thief stopped by.
Garden Grows Aug2014 Out3



The plums ripened and were delish. However, the deer ate as many as we did.
Garden Grows Aug2014 Trees1



Farmer John canned beets and dilly green beans.
Garden Grows Aug2014 7

LEFT: I chopped herbs like sage and cilantro in a food processor, drizzling in a little olive oil. I then took the herb/oil mix and froze them to use over the winter.
RIGHT: Most of the basil, though, has been turned into pesto. Then used in dishes such as this.
Garden Grows Aug2014 6

I tried taking zucchini chunks and transforming them to fruit snacks. They were just so-so, really not that good. They were weird and chewy. We ate them, but I certainly haven’t made them again.
Garden Grows Aug2014 8

LEFT: I also used the zucchini chunks to make faux pineapple. This turned out far better than the fruit snacks. So far we’ve only used it on pizza, but I can’t wait to try it in a stir fry.
RIGHT: Instead of the same ol’ zucchini bread, I made Pineapple Zucchini Bread. It was a nice change.
Garden Grows Aug2014 9
August certainly was a productive month in the garden.