2023 Kidding Season

In 2023, 7 kids born on our farm – all bucks. That is a first for us. Four of the does were bred to our new guy, Ronald and Betty was bred with Milo. CLIFFORD GEORGIA CLAIRE WILLOW Willow is 12 years old and doing amazing, but IMHO too old to be bred. It wasn’t …

2021 Claire & Tam Breeding

Claire is buckskin with random spotting, roaning, frosting, and a white poll. Bunny is Claire’s dam, she is cream colored with a hint of a gold. Tam has a buckskin pattern. His sire is light buckskin, while his dam is a medium buckskin.

2021 Georgia & Tam Breeding

This is the 4th time Georgia has freshened. It is also most likely her last. The birthing went well, however she ended up with gangrenous mastitis. Since that diagnosis doesn’t have anything to do with the topic of this post, I will save that story for another day.