Keeping Our Kids Busy on a 15 Day Road Trip

As I’ve mentioned many times, we went on a road trip in October. To read more about it you can click here. But, what I haven’t shown you yet is how we kept the kids entertained for 3500 miles. We don’t have DS’s or ipads or any other gaming device to take with us. When …

Trying Out 3 Egg Dye Kits

Easter is coming, which means it’s time to color eggs. Our hens are laying like crazy right now & we are getting at least a dozen eggs every day. I thought it would be fun to try out a couple different egg dye kits.

Tulip Fest 2013

2013 was, of course, another beautiful year at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest. This was my first time here with my new camera. I liked my photos from previous years, but these are a bit better quality. I notice the flowers are sharper & the sky isn’t washed out.

The Dream to Run

I don’t typically post about my weight, health, etc. But, I’m starting a new routine because I keep getting bigger… and bigger… and bigger & I feel like ranting. I officially weigh more now than I did when I was pregnant with any of my kids… and my last one weighed a whopping 10lbs, 11oz …

Our Chicken Tractors

A number of years ago Farmer John told me about chicken tractors. I thought he was crazy. Cuckoo. It did not go with my vision of a cutesy coop surrounded by flowering perennials and a picket fence. I also couldn’t imagine why you would want to move your chickens throughout the yard. Let’s be realistic, …

DIY Disney Autograph Book

On our road trip one of the stops along the way was Disneyland. I still remember when I was a kid loving to meet the characters and get their autographs. I wanted my kids to have the same great experience. So, I made them their own autograph books.