Valentine Mixed Media Collage

Thanks to pinterest I saw a mixed media piece of art that I loved. It looked like something my kids would enjoy creating & is different than the art we typically make. Here’s how to make the kid version of this super cool masterpiece.  

Our Main Coop & Run

Before the Chicken Huts & before the Chicken Tractors was our main coop. Farmer John built it in the spring of 2009. The coop hasn’t had many changes, but the run has. We still consider this our main coop since it is where most of our egg layers call home.

Handmade Star Wars Costumes

Some years I make costumes for Halloween; some years I don’t. It just depends on what I feel like doing or what the kids want to be. This year proved to be a bit tricky, but came together great. I knew we were going to Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party. But the kids didn’t.

Making Candles

This post contains affiliate links. Back when I was home schooling, as part of our Farmer Boy unit, we made candles. In the book Almanzo talks about taking his lantern out to do chores and walk to his room at night. We discussed how they didn’t have electricity for lighting and instead used candles. We …

Creating Natural Colored Dye

Back in early August we collected plants, flowers, berries & leaves to try making natural dyes. It took us a couple days to complete the process, but we ended up with a variety of dyed goodies.