12 Days: Christmas Tree Canvas Painting Tutorial

Our 7th Day of December is featuring a do it yourself canvas painting. It is not the fanciest painting you ever did see, but it’s festive, fun and fairly simple to create. Have you seen those places where you get to drink wine with your girlfriends while creating a fabulous painting? I’ve always wanted to …

Butterfly Canvas Painting

Over the summer, the kids created fun butterfly paintings. I gave them the same step by step instructions, yet all 3 of their paintings are original. I absolutely love that!

Love Rocks

Love Rocks have taken our community by storm. It’s a wonderful thing. Last October two girls were hit by a car in front of their home. It’s not my story to tell, so I’m choosing not to say more about it. But, these girls are now helping us spread love & joy because their mom …

Double Headed Serpent Mosaic

Throughout this school year we’ve been celebrating Mexican holidays & doing crafts to go along with them. Recently we celebrated Cinco de Mayo. I was really hoping we’d be able to finish off our year with a trip to Mexico. I’d love to see Chichen Itza & other Mayan ruins. But, that didn’t happen. Bummer. …

Paper Bag Teepee

Throughout the year we learned a little bit about a few different Native American tribes. When we were studying the Sioux of the Great Plains the boys made teepees out of paper bags.

Wampum Belt Weaving

Another Native American craft the kids made were wampum belts. There are fabulous instructions at There’s a Dragon in my Art Room. We didn’t stray too far, if at all, from her directions.