Our Chicken Huts

A couple years ago we got turkeys & Farmer John built them a shelter, which we referred to as the Turkey Hut. We no longer have turkeys, but the hut worked well for chickens. So well that Farmer John built a second hut just for the chickens.  

2013 Turkey Hatch

Hatching turkeys wasn’t in our immediate plans, but then Farmer John found where our year old turkey hen has been laying her eggs. We could have just left them for some critter to eat or we could see if any would hatch. We chose to try hatching them.

Our Chicken Tractors

A number of years ago Farmer John told me about chicken tractors. I thought he was crazy. Cuckoo. It did not go with my vision of a cutesy coop surrounded by flowering perennials and a picket fence. I also couldn’t imagine why you would want to move your chickens throughout the yard. Let’s be realistic, …

Turkey 3rd Eyelid

3rd Eyelid on Turkeys

Like many birds (including chickens), turkeys have a third eyelid called a nictitating membrane. This eyelid is used to moisten the eye & clear out debris.

Color Changing Caruncle

Before we raised turkeys, I didn’t know they had caruncles. I also didn’t know caruncle was even a word. I’ve since learned that the bumpy non-feathery skin on their face & neck is known as their caruncles. Technically the wattle is also a caruncle. The coolest thing about their caruncles is that they change color. …

Porch Turkeys

One day a few weeks ago Farmer John let the turkeys out & didn’t get them put back in their turkey hut before roosting time. They all decided to roost on our front porch. Is it weird that I didn’t mind them there? They were kind of fun to watch. I don’t normally get to …