2013 Turkey Mama Hatch

2013 turkey mama title sized

Our turkey hen laid eggs under a fir tree. She was very well camouflaged & it took us awhile to find her.


Mama Turkey1

We weren’t sure when exactly the eggs would hatch, or even if they would hatch. Then one day Farmer John & one of the kids spied her walking around with the new babies. So exciting!

She was a good mama keeping her babies in the tall grass nearly unseen. They spent most of the day searching for bugs.

Mama Turkey4

Then one day she took her clan down to the neighbors. It was quite a jaunt from our house. I’m not sure what made her travel so far, but after that we had to coop them up. We can’t have turkeys wandering the countryside. She was not happy about being in a coop.

Mama Turkey2

Mama Turkey3
3 Little Poults Standing in a Coop

I really enjoy hatching babies using an incubator, but there is something extra special about watching it happen naturally.