2016 Update – Week 6

We’ve had a number of spring like days this week. Brisk in the morning and slightly warm in the afternoon. Woo hoo! I’ve been loving it. Thanks to this glorious weather I went outside and tended to the flowerbeds this week.

Farm and Garden Recap of 2015

2015 has officially ended. Let’s look back at how our farm and gardening endeavors played out this past year. We had a fairly steady year with good food being grown and plenty of animals to keep us busy.

Aquaponics Update – December 2015

The big news this month is that we finally harvested a couple tilapia! We’ve been waiting a year and a half for this day. It’s been a fun learning experience growing produce in our aquaponics system. But, the thing I’ve been most looking forward to is getting to eat a fish.

31 Days in Oregon: Voodoo Doughnut

Keep Portland Weird has become the city’s slogan. Why we need to be weird, I don’t know. I appreciate weirdness when people step outside of the box to better themselves or community. But, weird, just to be weird, I don’t really get.  

31 Days in Oregon: Tillamook Cheese Factory

We can’t drive through Tillamook without stopping at the Cheese Factory. We’ve been there a thousand times & I’m sure we’ll go a thousand more times. The factory makes cheese. Fabulous Tillamook Cheese! From a viewing area upstairs, cheese lovers can watch how it is made. I have peeked through those windows many, many times.