Keeping Our Kids Busy on a 15 Day Road Trip

As I’ve mentioned many times, we went on a road trip in October. To read more about it you can click here. But, what I haven’t shown you yet is how we kept the kids entertained for 3500 miles. We don’t have DS’s or ipads or any other gaming device to take with us. When …

DIY Disney Autograph Book

On our road trip one of the stops along the way was Disneyland. I still remember when I was a kid loving to meet the characters and get their autographs. I wanted my kids to have the same great experience. So, I made them their own autograph books.

Handmade Star Wars Costumes

Some years I make costumes for Halloween; some years I don’t. It just depends on what I feel like doing or what the kids want to be. This year proved to be a bit tricky, but came together great. I knew we were going to Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party. But the kids didn’t.