2017 Race Recap – Shamrock Run 15K

My first legit race of 2017 – the Shamrock Run in downtown Portland. In 2014, Farmer John & I ran the 5K. We had a great time, but I haven’t ran it again… until now. And, I upped my game. I ran/walked the hilly 15k.  

2016 Race Recap – Bridge of the Gods Half Marathon

In August I completed the Bridge of the Gods Half Marathon. It was an event I’d heard about and thought about doing. So, when my friend, Molly, asked if I would do it with her for her first half marathon, I said, “Of course!” The actual Bridge of the Gods spans the Columbia River connecting …

2016 Race Recap – Helvetia Half Marathon

The Helvetia Half Marathon had been on my bucket list for awhile now. However, the course made me nervous. I had heard it’s hilly and difficult. A friend was interested in doing it and asked if I would do it with her. Of course, I said I would do it – hills and all.