Bloom Day – May 2017

Finally we’re getting some good color. The flowers seem about a month behind compared to last year. That’s ok, I’ll take the color now.  

Bloom Day – June 2016

Another June, another great display of color. All the flowers seem to be blooming earlier this year. I’d guess my flowerbeds are nearly at there Summer prime and summer hasn’t even technically begun.

Bloom Day – May 2016

May & June are my favorite months to enjoy our flowerbeds. This May has not disappointed. The foliage is filling in and the blooms are lovely.  

Bloom Day – March 2016

There is a lack of blooms around here during the winter. However, spring is nearly here and we have a few flowers showing off. Not many. But, a few.  

Bloom Day – September 2015

Well, I’m just gonna say it, I’m ready for the changing of seasons. This summer was too hot and way too dry. I didn’t spend near enough time in my flowerbeds deadheading, weeding and watering. And, it shows. I’m ready to move on and try again next year.

Bloom Day – August 2015

Here it is already. August’s Bloom Day. Our flowerbeds are not impressed with this crazy, hot, dry summer we’re having. I’m not impressed with it either. The flowerbeds in general look quite crummy. But there are a few, very few, plants that have powered through the weather and are blooming.  

Bloom Day – July 2015

The middle of July is already upon us, which means it’s Bloom Day. We had an unusually hot, dry June, which put the flowerbeds ahead of their usual schedule. We’ve been watering enough to keep the plants alive, but maybe not enough to keep them happy and producing their best. We’re already at the point …