2015 Duck Hatch 1 Title

The newest additions to our farm are 5 ducklings hatched on site. This is a first for us.

I’m going to be honest, we haven’t had a lot of success with ducks. So this is a huge milestone.



I was in the garden when Farm Girl came running over hollering, “We have ducklings! Mom, we have baby ducks!!!”
Sure enough, we did.
2015 Duck Hatch 1 2

Our two Welsh Harlequins have been taking turns being broody this spring. I had suspicions that our Muscovy was a male, but wasn’t sure. So, I didn’t know if the eggs they were sitting on were even fertile. Eventually, though, all the needed elements came together and a clutch of eggs produced babies.
2015 Duck Hatch 1 1



Back at the Fall Poultry Swap Farm Kid2 picked out a duck. He bought it straight run, not knowing if it was male or female. I was hoping for female, but either was fine. Since then I’ve been watching to see if I could tell if it was boy or girl. But, I’ve never had a muscovy duck, so I didn’t really know what to look for. And, even just a few months ago it was hard to tell. However, this caruncled face and the fact that our other two ducks are ladies pretty much answers the question. This duck’s a dude.
2015 Duck Hatch 1 Muscovy



So, so cute!
I love watching mama taking her babies for a swim.
2015 Duck Hatch 1 4

I try to focus on how cute it is, as opposed to thinking about 5 little poopers in my pond.
2015 Duck Hatch 1 5



When they were done with their swim mama let them know it was time to go. And, off they went to their secret hiding place.
2015 Duck Hatch 1 3


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