Farm and Garden Recap of 2015

2015 has officially ended. Let’s look back at how our farm and gardening endeavors played out this past year. We had a fairly steady year with good food being grown and plenty of animals to keep us busy.

2015 Duck Hatch #2

We have 10 new additions to our farm thanks to a broody Welsh Harlequin and a male Muscovy that’s good at male duck activities.

Bloom Day – July 2015

The middle of July is already upon us, which means it’s Bloom Day. We had an unusually hot, dry June, which put the flowerbeds ahead of their usual schedule. We’ve been watering enough to keep the plants alive, but maybe not enough to keep them happy and producing their best. We’re already at the point …

Water for Ducks

We’ve had ducks for a few years now. We’ve tried a variety of water methods for bathing & playing. Some ideas have worked better than others.

3 Little Ducklings

I got ducks!!! I’ve been wanting ducks. But when our chicken population continues to grow & grow, the last thing we need are more feathered friends simply because I want them. The other day Farmer John mentioned how he would like to get a duck that eats slugs. We have Mr. Duck, but he’s not …