2016 Hatch #2

Warning: this is not a happy hatch day post. If reading about the bad days doesn’t interest you, you should probably skip this post. Cream Legbars have been a breed I’d been wanting for awhile. The timing never seemed to work out and there aren’t many breeders nearby. This summer I finally decided to take …

2016 Hatch #1

It had been awhile since we hatched eggs, so back in June I set some in the incubator. We have 3 main coops. These eggs are from the coop with Roost, an Olive Egger, as the papa. The hens are Black Copper Marans, Rhode Island Reds, and Easter Eggers.

2015 Duck Hatch #2

We have 10 new additions to our farm thanks to a broody Welsh Harlequin and a male Muscovy that’s good at male duck activities.

Learning to Raise Pigs

Our oldest is raising 2 pigs to earn money for the laptop he’s been wanting. Although he’s been doing most of the feeding & watering, we’re all learning a little about pigs.

Rhode Island Reds

We love our Rhode Island Red chickens. We’ve had them since the beginning of our days raising chickens. They are popular for a good reason.