Turkey 3rd Eyelid

3rd Eyelid on Turkeys

Like many birds (including chickens), turkeys have a third eyelid called a nictitating membrane. This eyelid is used to moisten the eye & clear out debris.

Our Main Coop & Run

Before the Chicken Huts & before the Chicken Tractors was our main coop. Farmer John built it in the spring of 2009. The coop hasn’t had many changes, but the run has. We still consider this our main coop since it is where most of our egg layers call home.

Color Changing Caruncle

Before we raised turkeys, I didn’t know they had caruncles. I also didn’t know caruncle was even a word. I’ve since learned that the bumpy non-feathery skin on their face & neck is known as their caruncles. Technically the wattle is also a caruncle. The coolest thing about their caruncles is that they change color. …

White Eggs vs. Colored Eggs

We’ve had many people ask about the differences in eggs, specifically what are the differences in colored eggs compared to white eggs? Do they taste different? Are they healthier? Are white eggs bleached? The short answer is: There is no difference based on shell color. A brown egg has basically the same taste & nutritional …

Porch Turkeys

One day a few weeks ago Farmer John let the turkeys out & didn’t get them put back in their turkey hut before roosting time. They all decided to roost on our front porch. Is it weird that I didn’t mind them there? They were kind of fun to watch. I don’t normally get to …