2013 Hatch 1 title sized

January 31st was hatch day! This was our second time incubating eggs & it was just as exciting as the first time. Check out this post to read about our first hatch.



There is something so amazing about watching a chick hatch. Ok, I think it’s super awesome. My family just thinks it’s mediocre awesome. I can sit & watch chicks hatch all day. The kids are bored of the slow process in about 5 minutes. Either way, my obsession allows me to take many pics of a hatching chick. These are pics from Egg #23, which was the second chick to hatch.

2013 Hatch 1 hatching
Pipped at 8:24am. Zipped at 1:19pm. Hatched at 1:39pm.




2013 Hatch 1 chicks