2013 Hatch3 title sized

We’ve successfully made it through our 4th round of incubating chicken eggs! It continues to be an exciting experience. I get very impatient by day 20. I anxiously wait to see who hatches, then get nervous after some hatch & wonder why others aren’t hatching. I’m then excited when another few hatch. The truth is, though, each batch we’ve had at least one chick pip & start the process of hatching, but never fully complete it. Those chicks still break my heart, but I understand if we’re going to take on the responsibility of hatching chicks we have to take all that goes along with it. It’s my goal to learn from each hatch & get less of those heartbreakers.


2013 Hatch3 Candle
Left photo: Eggs in the turner inside the incubator. All are Easter Eggers except one Blue Marans. Right photo: Candling, Day 15.



2013 Hatch3 hatching
Easter Eggers


2013 Hatch3 Marans
The lone Blue Copper Marans chick. She was sold before she even hatched & has already gone off to her new home.




2013 Hatch3 Easter Egger
Most of our Easter Eggers tend to be fluffy, light yellow chicks. Although, a couple brown chicks also hatched this time. And, all the chicks from our true blue eggs look similar to the black chick.


Twenty-four chicks hatched with this batch, which is the same number as our last hatch. Yay for cute, fluffy chicks that grow up to provide food for our families!