2013 Hatch title sized

 We had our first successful hatch of Blue Copper Marans! Our rooster is a Splash Marans & we have 3 Black Copper hens. With that combination comes Blue Copper chicks. I love them already!


2013 Hatch2 Marans
Hatch time for a Blue Marans


2013 Hatch2 Easter Egger
We also hatched Easter Eggers.




2013 Hatch2 Marans2
We got 9 blue beauties from this hatch. All but one have feathered shanks.


2013 Hatch2 EE Marans
We sold 12 of our newly hatched chicks. I hope the new owners enjoy them. We are keeping a couple of the Easter Eggers, though. We are also keeping a few of the Blues. I’m excited to see how they grow & change.


The incubating process is exciting & nerve-wracking. There are no guarantees & I’m thrilled this hatch turned out so well.

Anybody else hatching chicks or bringing chicks home this spring?