Exploring Nuremberg: Zoo, Folk Fest, and Rally Grounds

Twice, the kids and I, ventured away from Old Town and explored an area in eastern Nuremberg. Europe has so many wonderful historical buildings, monuments and museums. As much as I love exploring all those places and want my kids to have exposure to it, I also understand my kids are kids. I want them …

Exploring Nuremberg: Old Town

Our hotel in Nuremberg was located right outside the Altstadt, or Old Town, walls. So while the hubby was working, the kids and I spent a lot of time within those medieval walls wondering the cobblestone streets.  

Exploring Nuremberg

We booked our train travel from Italy to Germany through the Deutsche Bahn. The train we took left Venice at 1:35pm and arrived in Munich about 8:20pm. Once in Munich we switched trains and pulled into Nuremberg about 10:45 that night. The entire trip was about 9 hours, but we traveled through the Alps so …

2017 Race Recap – Shamrock Run 15K

My first legit race of 2017 – the Shamrock Run in downtown Portland. In 2014, Farmer John & I ran the 5K. We had a great time, but I haven’t ran it again… until now. And, I upped my game. I ran/walked the hilly 15k.