2014 hatch 2 title sized

Friday & Saturday we welcomed another batch of babies. I anxiously await hatch day(s) & am amazed every single time at the wonders of life.

This month we incubated Easter Eggers & Marans. The Marans eggs were from our 3 Black Copper Marans hens with a Blue Copper Marans rooster. So, the chicks hatched could be either blue or black. I didn’t really care which color they were, but I am hoping they end up with copper around their hackles or neck area. That’s a trait we’re trying to work on.


2014 hatch 2 lockdown
At lockdown, we put the Easter Eggers in one incubator. And, the Marans in another.


2014 hatch 2 marans
Two chicks moving along with the zipping process! Soon the mystery will be revealed. Are they Blue Marans or Black Marans? We ended up with a few of each – some blue & some black.


2014 hatch 2 brooder
After they dried off a bit the chicks were moved to the brooder.




2014 hatch 2 chipmunk
Although they’re all cute at this stage, the chipmunk looking chicks are my favorite.


2014 hatch 2 chicks

Spring is officially here & we have babies. Life is good.