2014 Mama Hen Hatch #3

All of a sudden we have 25 new chicks & possibly more soon! Most of the summer we let the chickens in our main coop wander freely. Apparently many of them have taken advantage of the freedom & have been sitting on eggs. Sneaky, sneaky.

2014 Hatch #8

Hatch #8 was our last incubated hatch for awhile. It was a last effort to get a few more Marans. Last year we sold all the chicks we hatched, which meant we didn’t have any left over for ourselves. This year we hatched many more & will keep a few.

2014 Hatch #7

We’re still hatching chicks. We have one more Marans batch in the incubator now, then I think we’ll be done for awhile. I’m hoping by October we’ll be able clearly identify all the pullets from the cockerels. The pullets will come with me to the Fall Swap. Some of them should even be laying by …

2014 Hatch #3

Last week more babies hatched. Most of the chicks hatched so far this year are coming with me tomorrow to the Oregon Spring Poultry Swap. I’m very excited about the swap. I’ve been to a couple swaps as a customer, but this is the first time I’ll be there as a vendor.

2014 Hatch #2

Friday & Saturday we welcomed another batch of babies. I anxiously await hatch day(s) & am amazed every single time at the wonders of life. This month we incubated Easter Eggers & Marans. The Marans eggs were from our 3 Black Copper Marans hens with a Blue Copper Marans rooster. So, the chicks hatched could …