Three Kings Day

To go along with our study of Mexico, we spent January 6th learning about Three Kings Day. It is 12 days after Christmas & celebrates the three wise men bringing their gifts to baby Jesus. We don’t typically celebrate this day in our family, but many Latin Americans do so we explored it.

Birds of 2013: Week 19

This week’s bird post is different than normal because it doesn’t include a photo of an actual bird. Instead, I’m sharing the bird my 7 year old son made me for Mother’s Day. When he gave it to me he said, “I know you like bald eagles, so I made this one for you.” I …

Valentine Mixed Media Collage

Thanks to pinterest I saw a mixed media piece of art that I loved. It looked like something my kids would enjoy creating & is different than the art we typically make. Here’s how to make the kid version of this super cool masterpiece.  

World Map Craft

When spring break was over, I was conflicted about whether to teach a unit studying the 7 continents or study the biomes of the world. When I saw this post on their virtual voyage, I decided I could do both. So, we are going to travel the world, stopping once on each continent. The main …