Ridgetop Farm and Garden | Penguin Painting

I was having a difficult time finding a quick project based on Antarctica. After my searching, I came up with this easy-to-make painting.

We taped 9″x12″ watercolor paper to my art board.

Next, I told Farm Kid1 to lightly draw the horizon line about a third of the way up from the bottom. Then pencil in icebergs/glaciers. I also asked him to add one in the water. He drew two.

My bright idea was to have Farm Kid1 use oil pastels as a resist. Well, the first problem with that was I couldn’t find a white oil pastel. So he used a gray oil pastel & white crayon over the top. FYI: this part didn’t work well.
Ridgetop Farm and Garden | Penguin Painting


Then we mixed purple & white poster paint with a bit of water & Farm Kid1 spread that on the paper. I reminded him to go from one edge of the paper all the way to the other in one even stroke.

Then he sprinkled kosher salt in the wet paint.

We mixed the blue paint the same way. I wasn’t as concerned about the even strokes on this. While the paint was still wet he pressed a small piece of plastic wrap in the water section.

The next morning the paint was dry so we brushed off the salt & pulled off the plastic wrap.

Unfortunately the resist technique didn’t work well.

And the salt didn’t make a huge impact on the light color. It still added a bit of texture to the sky, though.

I love how the water turned out using the plastic wrap.
Ridgetop Farm and Garden | Penguin Painting


Since the resist didn’t work well, Farm Kid1 painted over his glaciers/icebergs.

Then he dipped his thumb and fingers in the white paint to make little penguin bodies.

Oh ya, and I mixed up a little blue paint so he could put a thin line in front of the icebergs in the water to give them a little more depth
Ridgetop Farm and Garden | Penguin Painting


Using black, orange & blue sharpies, Farm Kid1 added details to the penguins. I love it!
Ridgetop Farm and Garden | Penguin Painting


The last step is to pull off the tape & display the piece of art proudly.
Ridgetop Farm and Garden | Penguin Painting


There are many steps to this painting. But, they are all easy steps. The best part is that Farm Kid1 is very proud of his painting.