Birds of 2013: Week 52

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks searching hard for 4 more birds. I would browse ebird looking for posts from others that listed birds I haven’t yet seen. Then, I’d go see if I could find them. I never did identify the sparrows or hawks I was really focusing on. But, I did find other …

Birds of 2013: Week 51

There are a number of birds hanging around our house eating at our feeders & picking in the seed heads of summer’s flowers. I enjoy seeing the birds. But unfortunately, none of them are new for my list & the end of the year is coming very quickly. I am so close to my goal, …

Birds of 2013: Week 50

One chilly morning I walked around one of my favorite birding places. Much of the water was ice, but there were plenty of birds hanging around. It was a good walk for seeing large birds. I saw a bald eagle, blue heron, one red-tailed hawk catch breakfast & another one getting pestered by a kestrel.

Birds of 2013: Week 44

One day as I was driving to town I passed some birds along the road. I pulled over to check them out & there were 6 female pheasants. I was so happy I stopped because they are a new bird for my list. Yay!

Birds of 2013: Week 42

Still on a mission to find birds, the kids & I drove to Sauvie Island, which is not too far from downtown Portland. I have actually never been there, so this was a first for all of us. I read there were Sandhill Cranes there now. Well, dag-nab-it, we never saw them. Nor did I …

Birds of 2013: Week 41

I’m determined to hit my goal of identifying 100 birds this year. But, it is getting difficult. I’ve gone out looking a few times in the last couple weeks & seen very few, if any, new birds. I’m sure I’ve walked past, even taken pics, of birds I haven’t counted. But so many birds look …

Birds of 2013: Week 40

For about a week we had a couple Cooper’s Hawks hanging around. They make the most fantastic sound & I was excited to see them. But I think one attacked our Mama hen, so I’m glad they’ve decided to move on.