Birds of 2013: Week 50

One chilly morning I walked around one of my favorite birding places. Much of the water was ice, but there were plenty of birds hanging around. It was a good walk for seeing large birds. I saw a bald eagle, blue heron, one red-tailed hawk catch breakfast & another one getting pestered by a kestrel.


The Bald Eagle that I almost walked by without seeing.



Ring-necked Duck


A rather angry looking Wood Duck.




*new bird!* Hooded Merganser


Look at that long neck.


American Wigeon walking across the ice.


Red-winged Blackbird on an icy pond.


Brewer’s Blackbird



Great Blue Heron


American Robin


The ducks found a hole in the ice.



Red-tailed Hawk


This Red-tailed Hawk &American Kestrel were having a little tiff.


12 more days until the end of the year. Can I find 4 new species to make my goal?



SEEN SO FAR = 96 of 100