Shade Garden

One of our flowerbeds is not like the others, for two reasons. Reason #1: Because we don’t have large trees or buildings surrounding our house we don’t have much shade. Most of the year we have plenty of cloud cover & rain, but in the summer it is dry and hot. So all of my …

Front Yard Pond

When we began the process of installing flowerbeds I wanted a pond, but wouldn’t allow myself to even think about it because we needed many other things first & I knew I could easily get carried away with any pond ideas. Well, lucky for me, our neighbor ended up selling us his pond set up, …

Front Yard

The front yard is a mix of a few flowerbeds. The focal point originally was the wishing well. Now there’s so much going on, I’m not sure what the focal point is. I love the wishing well, but am having trouble loving this flowerbed as a whole. I can’t seem to get the layering right …

Bird Village

The bird village is my favorite garden. It started with a bird bath & a Magnolia tree both in memory of my mother-in-law. She was supposed to live here with us, but passed away before she moved here. Some how that inspiration turned into my bird village.

Back Yard

The flowerbed in the back yard was the first garden area we added. Sections of it I really like & some areas still need a lot of work. It is a fairly large area & I have a difficult time keeping the weeds under control.