Mar2013 Bloom Day title

Things are finally starting to happen in my flowerbeds. It’s not much, but at least there are a few splashes of color.



Mar2013 Bloom Day shade
The hellebore are also just starting to bloom.



Mar2013 Bloom Day front1
Top Left: This isn’t technically blooming, but it’s such a bright chartreuse color I wanted to include it. Bottom Left: The Black Lace Elderberry is starting to get leaves.



Mar2013 Bloom Day Bird Village
Top Right: Yay! The red flowering currant’s I planted last spring are doing well! Bottom Right: There are literally 4 small daffodils blooming.


This is such an improvement over the last couple month’s Bloom Days that I can’t, & won’t, complain. But, I’m anxiously awaiting April & May’s Bloom Days. I love those months in my gardens. I hope everyone else is starting to get some nice spring color.

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