April2013 Bloom Day title

Woo Hoo! I finally have real blooms in my gardens & just in time for April’s Bloom Day!



April2013 Bloom Day shade1
Left: After a couple years, this newbie flowerbed is starting to fill in nicely. Top Right: Camellia. Bottom Right: The hellebore are looking fantastic! These chicks hatched the first 2 days of April.



April2013 Bloom Day front1
Top Left: The flowering cherry tree is still smallish, but its blooms are beautiful. Top Right: English Daisies. Bottom Left: The bees are loving the heather.



April2013 Bloom Day backyard1
Top Left: The bees & wasps have started buzzin’ around, especially on sunny days. This one is in one of the bird houses the kids & I painted last spring. Middle Left: Blue scilla. Bottom Left: The Vinca minor has just started showing off its pretty purple flowers. Right: Why, oh why, did I buy tulips that are the exact color as daffodils? They are pretty, but the flowerbed could use more color than light yellow daffodils & light yellow tulips.



April2013 Bloom Day bird village1
Left: Leonard Messel Magnolia


There seems to be a few more plants in bloom compared to last year. I’m assuming this is due to our mild winter.

I’m looking forward to Gardening Season!

I’m sharing this post with Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day.