Birds of 2013: Week 50

One chilly morning I walked around one of my favorite birding places. Much of the water was ice, but there were plenty of birds hanging around. It was a good walk for seeing large birds. I saw a bald eagle, blue heron, one red-tailed hawk catch breakfast & another one getting pestered by a kestrel.

Birds of 2013: Week 21

I went to a Wetlands area one day & saw so many great things that the next day I went back & brought my boys with me. Here’s just a smattering of birds we saw over those two days.

Birds of 2013: Week 4

This week I have only 1 new bird, but it is one of my favorites: the Great Blue Heron. This was, by far, my favorite Blue Heron sighting. Typically I know I better snap a pic quick because it will fly off any second. Not only did this guy not fly off right away, but …