Birds of 2013: Week 50

One chilly morning I walked around one of my favorite birding places. Much of the water was ice, but there were plenty of birds hanging around. It was a good walk for seeing large birds. I saw a bald eagle, blue heron, one red-tailed hawk catch breakfast & another one getting pestered by a kestrel.

Birds of 2013: Week 40

For about a week we had a couple Cooper’s Hawks hanging around. They make the most fantastic sound & I was excited to see them. But I think one attacked our Mama hen, so I’m glad they’ve decided to move on.

Birds of 2013: Week 37

Just a couple days after I visited the wetlands alone, I came back with my kids. This time I had the time to explore a little more. I’m so glad my kids enjoy bird watching, too. It’s a fun thing for us to do together. For the first time in many weeks, I’m able to …

Birds of 2013: Week 9

I went to The Duck Pond again to find this week’s birds. I saw some great birds, including what I thought was a Red-tailed Hawk, but turned out to be a Cooper’s Hawk. My favorite birds of the week, though, were 2 juvenile Great Horned Owls I saw up in a nest. I haven’t seen …