Aquaponics Update – November 2015

Nov2015Aquaponics - title

The aquaponics system seems to be in a self sufficient state right now. We had one little snafu, but for the most part it’s been running smoothly this month.


In the Grow Beds

The greenery in the grow beds is still going strong. However, the produce production has slowed down.
Nov2015Aquaponics - 3


Uh oh, the fish are behaving differently

For a couple days, I noticed the fish just hanging out near the bottom of the tank. No swimming about. No rushing to the top when I dropped food in the tank. That’s weird. They always come splashin’ to the top when it’s time to eat.
Nov2015Aquaponics - 1


Eventually, I figured out that the outlet the heater was plugged into wasn’t working. The water got down to 60°, which is almost too cold for tilapia. They started to slow down to compensate for the cold water.

I’m so glad I caught it in time. Had the water reached 50°, the fish probably wouldn’t have survived.
Nov2015Aquaponics - 4



After a near mishap, the fish recovered and were swimming and eating like their normally do.
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