2016 Update – Week 41

Ridgetop Farm and Garden | 2016 Update | Week 41

It’s been a crazy week! Lots going on.

• We added 3 goats to our herd. Willow, the mama. Betsy & Georgia the little girls.

• Willow is in milk, so I’ve been milking a goat for the first time.

• I cleaned up Farm Kid2’s flower garden near the chicken coops. I gave the cut flowers to the chickens – which they loved.

• I’m trying something new. I usually sprinkle flower seeds in the spring. But, they don’t grow well in Farm Kid2’s flowerbed. So, I decided I didn’t have anything to lose and sprinkled a bunch now, covered them in dirt and dried chicken poop. We’ll see what happens come spring.

• I ran my first marathon on Sunday. Part of the finisher’s swag was a cedar seedling. I got that baby planted in the ground. Now I need to find a way to keep the deer away from it.

• The well pump quit working. Thankfully, we were only without water for a few hours and it was an easy fix.

• The craziest thing that happened was that our dog found a porcupine. A porcupine?! I have never seen one or heard about anyone else seeing one around our house. But, sure enough, the dog met a porcupine.

• Now we’re in the beginning of what is supposed to be a horrible storm. Fingers crossed the power stays on.
Ridgetop Farm and Garden | 2016 Update | Week 41