31 Days in Oregon: Tualatin Heritage Center

Over the summer, the kids & I went to the Tualatin Heritage Center for the first time. It is a small museum with only a few exhibits. We had a great visit. The woman inside was very helpful and informative. She answered my children’s unending questions.

Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center

To go along with our Native American studies we visited the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center. This was our first time exploring this museum. I was surprised at the variety of exhibits. We were there for the Indian artifacts, but also learned about the natural history, transportation, & community of the Columbia Gorge.

Paper Bag Teepee

Throughout the year we learned a little bit about a few different Native American tribes. When we were studying the Sioux of the Great Plains the boys made teepees out of paper bags.

Native American Art at the Portland Art Museum

To go along with our unit on Native Americans, I took the kids to the Portland Art Museum to see their Native American collection. We saw a variety of art. Some work was modern & used as decoration, some work was once used in celebrations, & some work was used in everyday life. I was …

Wampum Belt Weaving

Another Native American craft the kids made were wampum belts. There are fabulous instructions at There’s a Dragon in my Art Room. We didn’t stray too far, if at all, from her directions.