Double Headed Serpent Mosaic

Throughout this school year we’ve been celebrating Mexican holidays & doing crafts to go along with them. Recently we celebrated Cinco de Mayo. I was really hoping we’d be able to finish off our year with a trip to Mexico. I’d love to see Chichen Itza & other Mayan ruins. But, that didn’t happen. Bummer. …

Mexico Lapbook

To hold all their papers and crafts from our study of Mexico, the kids made quick and easy lapbooks. The lapbook is made from two index folders taped together. A third index folder was cut to make pockets, which were taped to the full index folders.

Three Kings Day

To go along with our study of Mexico, we spent January 6th learning about Three Kings Day. It is 12 days after Christmas & celebrates the three wise men bringing their gifts to baby Jesus. We don’t typically celebrate this day in our family, but many Latin Americans do so we explored it.

Continent Box – Europe

Our final continent box is full of all things European. Europe has so many different cultures & many got left out of our box. Hopefully I will continue to find fun things to add to this box.

Continent Box – Africa

Africa is such a fun continent with its zebras, giraffes, hieroglyphics & pyramids. I would love for us to do a more in depth study of Africa. Here’s what we’ve got in the continent box so far.

Continent Box – South America

Here’s our box about South America. It has some good stuff, but I’d like to add more. I don’t have anything relating to the Amazon rainforest except a couple animals. As I add more items, I will update this post.