We got Goats title

Goats have been on my critter-I-want-to-have list. I didn’t know when or which breed, but one day I knew we would get goats.

This weekend I wasn’t out looking for goats, but 2 little wethers happened to be for sale at an event I was at. I couldn’t resist bringing them home.

They are Nigerian Dwarf Goats, which was a breed I was considering. For our first goats these boys are perfect. They don’t need milking & they can’t breed, so they just get to be fun pets.


We ♥ the movie Frozen at our house, so we named the white one Olaf.

We got Nigerian Dwarf Goats Olaf
Olaf is the cutest little guy & is fairly well mannered. Often he lifts up his left back leg, which concerns me a little. Hopefully a hoof trimming will solve the problem.


The brown one is Sven.

We got Nigerian Dwarf Goats Sven
Sven is definitely the active one of the two. He’s always eating something he’s not supposed to & he bleats so obnoxiously that I’m afraid the neighbors are going to think we’ve left a crying baby outside.

I just can’t get enough of their cuteness!