Birds of 2013: Week 41

I’m determined to hit my goal of identifying 100 birds this year. But, it is getting difficult. I’ve gone out looking a few times in the last couple weeks & seen very few, if any, new birds. I’m sure I’ve walked past, even taken pics, of birds I haven’t counted. But so many birds look …

Birds of 2013: Week 37

Just a couple days after I visited the wetlands alone, I came back with my kids. This time I had the time to explore a little more. I’m so glad my kids enjoy bird watching, too. It’s a fun thing for us to do together. For the first time in many weeks, I’m able to …

Birds of 2013: Week 36

I finally made it back to the wetlands. I didn’t have a lot of time to explore, but it was nice to go. I was surprised to see how far the water level dropped over the summer. There were many Great Egrets & Great Blue Herons in the water that day. There were also a …

Birds of 2013: Week 23

One day the kids & I went to a wetlands area & spotted a Killdeer nest with eggs. We found it most peculiar that they would lay eggs right in the middle of a path, but apparently that’s normal for them.  

Birds of 2013: Week 21

I went to a Wetlands area one day & saw so many great things that the next day I went back & brought my boys with me. Here’s just a smattering of birds we saw over those two days.