31 Days in Oregon: Seaside

Seaside is a very touristy coastal town about an hour and a half from Portland. It’s not a place we go to often, but living in Oregon my entire life I’ve been there a number of times.

31 Days in Oregon: Rice Rock Museum

Day 3 includes yet another house in the Portland area. The house is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places, but that’s not why most people visit the house. The house is now a museum, the rooms turned into galleries. If you enjoy natural science then you will adore this museum. If that’s not …

Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center

To go along with our Native American studies we visited the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center. This was our first time exploring this museum. I was surprised at the variety of exhibits. We were there for the Indian artifacts, but also learned about the natural history, transportation, & community of the Columbia Gorge.

Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center

As part of our Moving West unit, we are learning about Lewis & Clark. We spent part of the weekend exploring the Lewis & Clark National & State Historical Parks in both Oregon & Washington. This is along the Pacific Ocean, the final destination of Lewis & Clark’s Expedition. At Cape Disappointment we toured the …