Polled, or Not?

Polled animals are animals born naturally without horns. Some breeds of cattle are entirely polled. There are not any goat breeds entirely polled. In goats, the polled gene is dominant. This means that a kid can only be polled if one, or both, parents are polled.

Goat Records – Free Printables

Even with our small herd it’s difficult to remember all the identification and medical records for each goat. To keep track and stay organized I created a few worksheets to help me manage our goat family. I am offering these sheets as free downloads that you print at home. You will need the latest version …

Our Goat Fence

This spring I brought home a new animal species to our little farm, 2 Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We didn’t have a fence for the goats, so Farmer John quickly got one built.