How Our Garden Grows – September 2014

Garden Grows Sept2014 title



Garden Grows Sept2014 2
Pumpkins, gourds, squash & zucchini are growing well.
Garden Grows Sept2014 4
A number of pepper plants are loaded.
Garden Grows Sept2014 5
Left: Our eggplant plants are doing fantastic. It’s our best eggplant year ever. Top Right: A number of cabbages need harvested. Bottom Right: I’m still excited about the grapes.
Garden Grows Sept2014 1
Left: The herb row is still going strong. Top Right: The thyme is ready for harvesting. Bottom Right: The cilantro, though, has gone to seed.



Garden Grows Sept2014 out1
Top Left: We’ve picked quite a few tomatoes this year. Unfortunately none of them have been getting much water, so the majority of them have been small. Right & Bottom Left: A few pumpkins and decorative gourds have survived the chickens.



Garden Grows Sept2014 trees1
Apples! So, so happy our fruit trees are finally producing!



Garden Grows Sept2014 greenhouse1
Tomatoes & tomatillos have been growing in a garden bed in the greenhouse. They are a bit leggy, but have many flowers.



Garden Grows Sept2014 3
Left: The kids dug up the potatoes. Right: We dug up most of the onions & they’ve been setting out to dry.

Garden Grows Sept2014 collecting1

I can’t help but be grateful that we can feed our family in this way. It’s a lot of work. It’s definitely time consuming. And, there is nothing quick or easy about it. I’m so glad to not only feed my kids good food, but also to show them everyday where their food comes from. It’s truly a rare treat in this modern world.