Birds of 2013: Week 27

Last October we took a road trip. One of the places we visited was the California Academy of Sciences. There were many great exhibits, but my sole purpose for going there was to see their rainforest dome. It did not disappoint. It was really quite awesome. Inside the rainforest birds flew around freely.

Birds of 2013: Week 25

Here are a few different species of birds we have flying around our house these days. Some are ones I’ve listed before, but I’m also able to add 6 new species to my list. Woo hoo! My favorite has to be the Western Tanager simply because I love its vibrant colors.  

Birds of 2013: Week 24

The birds for this week are from a beach trip. We saw a ton of birds including many bald eagles, an osprey, cormorants & peregrine falcon babies.

Birds of 2013: Week 23

One day the kids & I went to a wetlands area & spotted a Killdeer nest with eggs. We found it most peculiar that they would lay eggs right in the middle of a path, but apparently that’s normal for them.  

Birds of 2013: Week 21

I went to a Wetlands area one day & saw so many great things that the next day I went back & brought my boys with me. Here’s just a smattering of birds we saw over those two days.

Birds of 2013: Week 20

After a couple slow weeks without a new bird to share, I finally have a new one. About 20 Evening Grosbeaks have been hanging around our house this past week. I love them. Their bold colors & striking unibrow makes them appear exotic. Hopefully, they stick around for awhile so I can get a better …

Birds of 2013: Week 19

This week’s bird post is different than normal because it doesn’t include a photo of an actual bird. Instead, I’m sharing the bird my 7 year old son made me for Mother’s Day. When he gave it to me he said, “I know you like bald eagles, so I made this one for you.” I …