Native American Art at the Portland Art Museum

To go along with our unit on Native Americans, I took the kids to the Portland Art Museum to see their Native American collection. We saw a variety of art. Some work was modern & used as decoration, some work was once used in celebrations, & some work was used in everyday life. I was …

Wampum Belt Weaving

Another Native American craft the kids made were wampum belts. There are fabulous instructions at There’s a Dragon in my Art Room. We didn’t stray too far, if at all, from her directions.

Three Kings Day

To go along with our study of Mexico, we spent January 6th learning about Three Kings Day. It is 12 days after Christmas & celebrates the three wise men bringing their gifts to baby Jesus. We don’t typically celebrate this day in our family, but many Latin Americans do so we explored it.

Plymouth Colony History Pockets

This post contains affiliate links.   Back in November we learned about Life in Plymouth Colony using Evan Moor’s History Pockets. This was a great way for the kids to learn a little more about the pilgrims. There was reading, vocabulary, crafts & activities with very little prep from me, which was nice.