Halloween Fun

I have fun taking photos of our critters. Typically, I like them in their natural setting, but sometimes I add props or backgrounds. This time I chose items from my kids dress up bin to dress up the goats for Halloween. I’m not sure they loved this photo shoot.

Our Goat Fence

This spring I brought home a new animal species to our little farm, 2 Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We didn’t have a fence for the goats, so Farmer John quickly got one built.

We Got Goats!

Goats have been on my critter-I-want-to-have list. I didn’t know when or which breed, but one day I knew we would get goats. This weekend I wasn’t out looking for goats, but 2 little wethers happened to be for sale at an event I was at. I couldn’t resist bringing them home. They are Nigerian …