2016 Race Recap – Champoeg 10K

Ridgetop Farm and Garden |2016 Race Recap | ORRC| Champoeg 10K

As part of the ORRC 10K series, in early March I ran the Champoeg 10K. I wasn’t sure until just a day or two before if I was able to take part this event, but thankfully scheduling worked out and I was able to squeeze it into my day.


Start Line & Course

Earlier in the morning the 20K & 30K participants started. Us 10Kers began at 10:30, which was a nice start time since it took me awhile to drive to Champoeg State Park.

I hadn’t picked up my race packet beforehand, so I grabbed it that morning – which was easy, peasy. I also received an orange beanie. Love that. Thanks ORRC.

The course was altered due to a bridge being out of service. So the course ended up being a 5K loop, done twice.

It was a flat course with lovely scenery.
Ridgetop Farm and Garden |2016 Race Recap | ORRC| Champoeg 10K




Woop, woop! Another 10K complete.

Even with a flat course and late start time, I struggled to keep up my pace. Whatever the reason, I was tired that day. Throughout the race, there were about 5 of us running a similar pace. With about a mile left, 3 of us began running together. It was nice to hear their reasons for running and goals they have. They were just the distraction I needed that day to finish the event strong.
Ridgetop Farm and Garden |2016 Race Recap | ORRC| Champoeg 10K



What’s with the funny running carrot? Well he’s a yampah, a plant in the carrot family that grows wild at Champoeg State Park. I am particularly interested in him because we have “weeds” at our house that the kids liked to pull when they were younger. They’d bring them inside telling me they found carrots. I’m going to have to do research and find out if their “carrots” are yampah.
Ridgetop Farm and Garden |2016 Race Recap | ORRC| Champoeg 10K


After finishing, I quickly grabbed a cup of potato soup and water. I devoured the soup quickly while scurrying as fast as I could to my car. It was a well organized event that I’d gladly do again. But, I didn’t have to time to stand around and enjoy the after part of the race. I had to get on with the other events of my day.