2017 Hatch #1

This first hatch batch of 2017 was in preparation for the Spring Poultry Homesteading Faire. In the past, many people at the Faire have shown interest in Marans. Currently, we do not have a Marans rooster. So, instead I focused on Olive Eggers. I also hatched White Leghorns and Delaware chicks.  

What is an Egg Tooth?

Most birds and reptiles have an egg tooth, which is an essential part in the hatching process. On birds, it is small, sharp, and sits at the tip of the upper beak.  

White Leghorn

White leghorns are another of my favorite birds to have on our farm. They are a basic, no nonsense bird. They rarely cause any trouble. They eat. They lay eggs. They are on the flighty side, so aren’t the best choice for a pet chicken. But, as part of our barnyard flock they are perfect. …

2016 Update – Week 4

Now that the holidays and traveling are over, I decided to take a look around outside to see what needs done for spring. What I noticed was that winter is definitely upon us. It is a foggy, muddy mess out there. Not even the heather plants, which I love, can brighten the gloominess.