2018 Georgia & Tam Breeding

Georgia was a first freshener this year, so I was excited to see what her babies would look like and what kind of mom she would be. The babies are darling and she is a great mom.

2018 Bunny & Tam Breeding

We just brought Bunny home last summer, so this was our first experience with breeding her. Her coloring is similar to Willow’s, so I was interested to see the similarities and differences between their kids.

2017 Willow & Crash Breeding

As I’m learning about color and pattern genetics, I want to put it into my real world. I want to learn more about which traits are dominant in my herd, which traits are seemingly missing, and the mysterious traits that are sure to be uncovered.

Goat Records – Free Printables

Even with our small herd it’s difficult to remember all the identification and medical records for each goat. To keep track and stay organized I created a few worksheets to help me manage our goat family. I am offering these sheets as free downloads that you print at home. You will need the latest version …