2020 Kidding Season

It is such a fun, exciting, busy time of year. Our farm gained 9 does & 6 bucks this spring from 5 mamas and 3 baby daddys. My method of assisting the births is very hands off. I watch the mamas obsessively when their due date is approaching. I like to be there for the …

2019 Bunny & Wingman Breeding

This is our second breeding season with Bunny. Although she has never had any real problems, pregnancy and delivery seem just a bit more uncomfortable for her than it does for Willow and her daughters.

2019 WyldeStyle & Tam Breeding

WyldeStyle was one of the first goat kids born on our farm so I have an extra soft spot for her. This was her first time being bred. The pregnancy went smoothly and she delivered two healthy kids.

2019 Georgia & Tam Breeding

This is Georgia’s 2nd breeding season. She did fabulous again. The pregnancy and birth were trouble free. And, even though she’s a bit stand-offish towards her human and goat friends, she is a great mom.