Aquaponics Update – August 2016

It has been a few months since I last posted about our aquaponics system. I am happy to report there haven’t been any major problems with the system in general. The fish are swimming, the plants are growing.  

Aquaponics Update – December 2015

The big news this month is that we finally harvested a couple tilapia! We’ve been waiting a year and a half for this day. It’s been a fun learning experience growing produce in our aquaponics system. But, the thing I’ve been most looking forward to is getting to eat a fish.

Aquaponics Update – October 2015

October has been a slow month in the greenhouse, which is not bad. Everything has been operating as it should, no problems with the fish or the grow beds. And, amazingly enough, we haven’t made any changes.

Aquaponics Update – July 2015

The aquaponics system is performing well. The produce is growing like crazy. And more exciting is that a few of the tilapia are nearly large enough to eat. It seemed to take forever for the little guys to grow, but in the last month or two they’ve really grown a lot.