2015 Race Recap – Garlic Fest 10K

Garlic Fest 10K title

This is my third year running at the Garlic Fest in North Plains, however this was my first time taking part in the 10k. I sometimes like doing the smaller races that aren’t all hyped up and crazy. But, mainly I chose to do this one because it’s timed. In about 2 months I have to submit an official time to Run Disney for my corral placement in the Star Wars Half Marathon. As it turned out, my time at the Red, White & Blues was slightly better so I’ll be submitting that one. But, this was a good, challenging run.



The Garlic Fest takes place at the Jessie Mays Center, which is where the start & finish lines were for this run.
Garlic Fest 10K start line



The course started in town and was relatively flat. About a mile in, we ventured into the hills of North Plains and ran up hill for 2 miles…. both ways… in the snow…. Ok, the last two remarks are obviously not true, but the course really was uphill for 2 miles. I knew ahead of time about the hill, so at least I was mentally prepared. Then it was back down and flattish for the last 3+ miles. For some reason, though, the last mile was rough for me.

It was a beautiful route and since it started at 8:00 it wasn’t too hot.
Garlic Fest 10K course



I finished.

I knew it was a hilly course, but I was still hoping for a 12:00 average mile. Guess what I ran? 12:01. Are you kidding me?! It was that damn last mile. I was beat and walked more of it than I planned.
Garlic Fest 10K finish



No medal for this race. But, we did get a pair of comfy socks that say Fun Stinks and elephant garlic. The Oregon Road Runners Club also handed each finisher a raffle ticket. Some people won. I did not.
Garlic Fest 10K bling
This was a no nonsense, get out there and do your best event.