Using Mini Soil Blocks

Ridgetop Farm & Garden | Mini Soil Blocks

As I’ve mentioned before, Farmer John loves making soil blocks to start seeds. Typically he uses the 2″ soil blocker, but occasionally he likes to use the mini, 3/4″ version.



Farmer John uses the same recipe for the mini soil blocks as he does the 2″ soil blocks. However, the soil for the mini’s needs to be very fine.

The mini soil blocks are so small, that seedlings quickly outgrow the block. Farmer John only uses this size when he wants to maximize the growing space, such as when placing the tray on a heating pad to help the germination process.

Ridgetop Farm & Garden | Mini Soil Blocks



These seedlings are definitely ready for potting up. Farmer John usually places the mini’s into 2″ soil blocks. He has an insert for the 2″ soil blocker that creates a square hole perfect to place the mini into.

Ridgetop Farm & Garden | Mini Soil Blocks