Birds ’round Here: Turkey Vulture

The first Saturday in September is International Vulture Awareness Day, so my bird pick for this month is the Turkey Vulture. They are often mistakenly referred to as the Turkey Buzzard. They are also often frowned upon because of their gross habit of eating roadkill. I, however, appreciate their clean up efforts. Also, they prefer …

Birds ’round Here: Cedar Waxwing

Cedar waxwings are a beautiful bird and one of my favorites. They almost seem exotic in our woodlands. They visit us every year around June or July. They don’t stay long, though.  

Birds ’round Here: Violet-Green Swallow

Nature has a beautiful way of letting me know spring has arrived. The trilliums are the first to bloom and the Violet-green Swallows are the first migrating birds to arrive. They usually show up with about 30 of their friends and spend their days darting around catching insects.